We send the goods by courier and to Venipak and DPD Pickup points.
Price for delivery to Pickup points in LV from Eur 2.40 to Eur 3.80 (size restrictions apply).
Prices for shipments by courier starting from Eur 3.80. Prices depend on the weight of the order and the delivery address. They will be calculated automatically when you add items to the cart and fill in the delivery details.
When the shipment is delivered to the Pickup parcel box, you will receive an SMS with a code to the mobile phone number specified at the time of purchase.
If the product will be delivered by courier, you will receive a call before delivery, so it is important to write the phone number correctly.
venipak Pick up point addresses:
dpdPick up point addresses:
If Jūrmala is on your way, you can pick up the goods by prior arrangement. Address Eduarda Veidenbauma 12A, Jūrmala, LV-2011 (Access from Mežrozīšu Street). You will find the map in the “Contacts” section.


Please contact us for international deliveries.