opaque base for textile
textile ink

Covering agent SR ND – opaque very slow drying ink

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Opaque water-based transparet base that does not dry on the mesh.

Ready to use when pigments added.

For use on cotton, synthetic and mix fabrics,
including stretch fabrics such as knitwear and lycra.

Good coverage and flexibility. Very easy to print using even very fine meshes. It is possible to print extremely fine detailed designs on dark fabrics. The paint does not dry in the mesh, the tools can be washed with water even after several hours of use.

By adding 30-50 g/kg FINISH S, the printability and abrasion resistance of the product can be improved and stickiness can be reduced.

Drying: When the fabric is dry, polymerize at 150°-160°C for 3 minutes.

With  Catalyst AT5  hardener, the ink does not need to be heated, it can be left to dry at room temperature.

COVERING AGENT SR ND ink has been awarded the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

Description:SR ND_covering agent 

Protect from frost.