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Emulsion SCREEN – SOL GK BLU is a universal emulsion. It is intended for use with water-based, solvent and plastisol inks.
0.9kg + diazo sensitizer.

Apply in a dark room where is a yellow light.
Add water to the small diazo bottle and shake well, then mix the whole dose with the emulsion SCREEN – SOL GK BLU, stir well and leave for a couple hours.
Apply on a clean, degreased and dry screen. To ensure good adhesion of the emulsion to the mesh, the mesh must be degreased with a screen degreaser before each application of the emulsion.

Apply 1-2 coats on each side of the screen.
Dry at 30-35 ° C for 40-60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the applied layer.
The exposure time can be affected by various factors – the type of lamp, the distance between the lamps and the mesh count and the thickness of the emulsion.
To determine the correct lighting time, we recommend doing a few tests with Exposure calculator.
Manufacturer example / recommendation:
Mesh fineness: 120 T
Lamp: UV metal halogen 5000W
Distance: 1 m
Layers: 1-2
Exposure time: 55 seconds
After lighting, soak the mesh in water for 5 minutes, then rinse it with a medium pressure water jet. Then dry the sieve at 35 ° C.
Use an emulsion remover to remove the emulsion.

before each application of the emulsion.



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