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MINERSTAR COVERING BLACK (sparkling metallic black textile ink)

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Black sparkling metallic waterbased textile ink.

Black ink has extremely bright and sparkling metallic color effect. It is an excellent alternative to glitter. It can also be printed on black fabric.

Its formulation is metal powders-free, that cause pollution in waste water, and formaldehyde, allowing
to operate in full compliance with current regulations and standards.

Sharp and well-defined prints are obtained, characterized by a hand that differs from that of glitter prints by its extreme softness and brilliance.

Easy to print, not drying on the screen.

The pastes can be printed both in screen printing using screens with high threads (55 threads/cm) and in rotary printing (140 mesh).

To further improve printability and fastness to dry rubbing, we recommend adding 20-30 g/kg of FINISH S directly to the printing paste. Fixation: by polymerization at 150°C for 3 minutes. Adequate polymerization ensures that the desired final characteristics are achieved.

Using hardener Catalyst AT5 polymerization in high temperature not needed.

Gold ink šeit.

Silver ink šeit.

TDS: minerstar_covering_range

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