Pantone mixing system Aquaset AS inks

252.84 VAT included

Using water-based inks and pigments, it is possible to mix the color tone according to the Pantone scale. The inks are intended for screen printing on paper, cardboard and wood.

The set includes 8 pigments in 100g packs (purple, blue, green, orange, red, magenta, white and black) and 3 colors in 1l packs (AS 150 transparent base, AS 91 opaque white, AS 90 white).

To receive the formula, send us the Pantone scale code by email, we will send it to the paint manufacturers. If the formula is ready for them, they will be able to receive it sooner, if they do not already have such a formula, they will try it in their laboratory and send the formula within two working days.

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