Screen printing kit Nr3

217.35 VAT included

The screen printing kit No 3 is suitable for textile printing, it includes things for screen preparation and stencil exposing, as well as various types of inks, glue for fixing textiles and hinge clamps for attaching frame to the table.

Kit includes:

  1. Aluminum screen 510 x 610 mm, mesh count 55T
  2. Squeegee with aluminum handle and medium hardness squeegee blade 350 mm
  3. Scoop coater 410 mm
  4. Inkjet film transparences A3 x 5 pcs
  5. Wooden spatulas x 5 pcs
  6. Hinge clamps
  7. Spray adhesive for textile fixation 600 ml
  8. Screen degreaser 200g
  9. Emulsion 900 g + diazo
  10. Textile inks: transparent ink 250g, opaque white ink 250 g, opaque ink 250 g, discharge ink 250 g,  relief ink 250 g + pigment (color tones may differ from those shown in the image)
  11. Emulsion remover (concentrate 1:25) 50ml
  12. Manual