3.5031.94 Cenā iekļauts PVN

    Polyurathane semigloss screen printing ink suitable for printing on nylon fabrics, leather, artificial leather, clothing-labels, self-adhesive treated polyester, EVA, salpa, polyurethane, etc.
    Stir well before to use.
    It is possible to improve the hardness of the printed film and its chemical-physical resistance by adding 10-20% of PRINTYLON hardener. It is necessary in the printing of clothing labels that w ill be stone washed.
    To obtain best results use screens 120 mesh, both for manual printing and automatic. Standard is 80-90.
    Additives: THINNER 203 L slow thinner
    RETARDER 204
    Printylon hardener

    TDS: Printylon Information

    Cleaning liquid – CT1000 or solvente 108