SICEPOX PXN ink for glass, tiles, metals, PE, PP

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    Solvent based ink especially for tough materials such as glass, tiles, metals, PE (after flame treatment), PP (after corona treatment),…
    Have to use it together with hartner HPX, add 10-20% depending on colour tone.

    You can see mixing proportions at:SERIE SICEPOX PX
    SICEPOX PX resist to temperatures till 200 °C.
    Can print on painted metals.
    Dilution: ±10% slow reducer PXN 5000 and ±10% normal reducer PXN 2000.

    For cleaning tools and screens use Solvente 108 or CT 1000.

    Color chart: 

    Inks available in 1 kg packages.

    Additives starting from 100g.