This is dedicated for all those who want to try screen printing as well as for those whom it is a main job. Whether you work in your own kitchen workshop or in production station, we have things to offer you.
In the age where I-phone is the day and night, the Earth continues to revolve around other axes.
Assuming that every third of population makes great clay pots, every fifth sings beautifully, then everyone else still has a lot to discover. So CEMME makes screen printing promotion one of its responsibilities as an instrument of art and design .
 PS. The origins of screen printing can be traced back to ancient China 1000 years ago.
If we don’t talk for a moment about all kinds of souvenir printing and screen printing commercial aspect in general, this printing technique opens the door to adventure in design and art field. CEMME expressing an opinion that screen printing might be new and yet undiscovered tool that will help set the starting point for a new beginning – YOUR graphic identity and style direction. 
CEMME’s core business is the production of screen printing frames and squeegees, as well as the sales of other screen printing materials such as various screen printing inks, chemicals etc.